What is a New Project Request?

New technology requests involve a more complex and long-term project than typical IT requests.

In a web application, for example, there may be special rules and restrictions that are in place on forms, or require a more in-depth user experience than a single page form.  Specialized administrative functions and reporting features may also be part of the request.  Other examples might include large database implementations, or mass-scale use of technology such as tablets or mobile devices.

These long term projects undergo a requirements gathering process, a number of meetings to discuss solutions, and potentially a decision between purchase of an existing product versus in-house development.  This request formally initiates this process.

Who should be making this request?

ITS supports various departments within the New Brunswick Chancellor's office. Users within these offices falling under the following may make requests:

  • Managers, Directors, or higher management positions
  • Primary Stakeholders in Business Units
  • Power Users

Example of a Filled-out Form

Click here to see an Example new technology request form.

What are the next steps after this form?

You will be contacted either by phone or email to touch base on the initial interpretation of the request by the ITS office.  This will confirm the high level details of the request, which will then lead into an in-person meeting with any number of key stakeholders for the project along with folks from ITS development.

Project Request Form

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