Managed Software Center is an application installed on all Macintosh computers managed by ITS to distribute applications, application updates and collect system inventory. This program is able to distribute and install both Apple and third party applications in a safe and secure manner.

Managed Software Center offers a friendly self-service section that allows you to select applications to install that are not currently on your Mac without needing to contact ITS. If there are applications that you require and you don’t see it in Managed Software Center please contact the help desk.

Located in the Applications folder in the Hard Drive, Managed Software Center periodically checks in with ITS and downloads updates in the background. When possible, updates will be applied silently without you needing to do anything. If the updates can’t be applied silently, say because the update required a restart or the application being updated is currently opened, Managed Software Center will notify you once per day to run them. Managed Software Center will also run at the end of the day when your Mac is at login window. Administrator rights are not needed to install applications distributed via Managed Software Center.

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