CrashPlan is a centralized backup service offered by ITS to backup your valuable data on all Macintosh computers.

CrashPlan runs automatically in the background whenever the computer is on and connected to a network. It works both on campus and off campus. CrashPlan will initially take a full backup of every file, but each subsequent backup only includes files that were added or changed.

Your data will be encrypted both at rest and in transit to CrashPlan's servers. This combination of encryption makes data backed up with CrashPlan safe and secure and compliant with HIPAA and FERPA standards.


Some of the key benefits of CrashPlan are:

  • Backup continually over almost any network from almost anywhere in the world
  • You don’t have to remember to backup your data
  • Secure transmission and storage
  • Self service file recovery from the CrashPlan application
  • No limit on how much data can be backed up


CrashPlan costs $83 per year. This license covers all the University owned Macintosh (desktops and laptops) and Windows laptop computers that are assigned to you.

Payment details will be included in the KACE ticket that will be associated with each CrashPlan install.


For more information about CrashPlan please contact the ITS Helpdesk.


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