Email Setup for iOS Devices

This is a modified set of instructions based on the Office of Technology's documentation on Rutgers Connect for users supported by the Office of the Chancellor - New Brunswick Information Technology Services.

1. Downloading and Installing the Mobile Device Management App

Open the App Store. Find and install the Intune Company Portal app and enroll the device. An Apple ID account will be required to download and install the app.


2. Configure the App

Follow the prompts to complete device enrollment, iOS Management Profile installation, compliance and activation. You may be required to change the device’s passcode.  


3. Configure the (default) Email App

Click on Settings from the Home Screen


4. Click on Mail, Contacts, Calendars


5. Click on Add Account


6. Select Exchange


7. Enter the following information and then click Next

  • Email address: Enter in your echo email address, in the format Please note that your NetID is not your first_name.last_name, it is the username you use to log into your workstation.
  • Password: Enter your Rutgers NetID password
  • Description: Rutgers Connect (or any name of your choosing)

8. If prompted to enter additional settings, enter the information

  • Email: Etner your email as
  • Server:
  • Domain: Leave blank
  • Username:
  • Password: Your Rutgers NetID Password
  • Description: Rutgers Connect (or any other name of your choosing)


Click Done and the device should verify the settings you entered and present a new screen with on/off toggles for syncing e-mail, contacts, and calendar.


Select desired options and click Save