Planned Transformer Outage March 17th

A transformer is leaking oil and must be replaced below the College Ave Gym. This will cause networking, telephone and power outages. Please read below.

Planned Transformer Outage

Friday, March 17, 2017

7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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NOTICE: Servers affected will begin shutdown at 4:30 PM Thursday 3/16 due to building access limitations.

Power will not be available in the following buildings:

  • College Ave Gym
  • College Ave Student Center
  • Center for Latino Arts and Culture
  • For these three buildings only: Please power off your desktop computers Thursday evening. We will send a reminder.

Networking (and therefore telephones) will not be available:

  • The buildings listed above
  • 3 Bartlett Ave  Employment Equity Public Safety SA-Student Affairs, VP SA-Violence Prevention & Victim Assistance University Budgeting Building
  • 11 Bartlett Ave Visiting Faculty Residence Offices
  • 17 Bartlett Ave Center for Social Justice Education and LGBT Communities
  • 15 Bartlett  Ave SAS Deans Office
  • 116 College Ave Teaching Excellent Center
  • 12 Morrell St ITS Offices

As a result of the power outage, our server clusters at College Ave Student Center will be offline causing an outage for the following services:

ITS Helpdesk:

  • Voicemails may be left and we will monitor those
  • We will have limited, disbursed staff on duty
  • Equipment pickups and drop-offs will not be available
  • In-person support will not be available

Health Related Services:

  • Medicat
  • Quest
  • Telepharmacy
  • EKG
  • Health IIS

Website Applications hosted on, which includes, but is not limited to:

Department: Application Name

  • Aresty:  arestyfunding, urs
  • Multi: budget
  • Health Services: healthorders
  • Multi:  hourlypayroll
  • Multi:  hourlypayrollverification
  • RLC:  reservations, rlcworkshop, rlcstudygroup, rlcapplication
  • Multi:  ru_repository, secureforms (forms repository)
  • Multi:  ruhired
  • Space Mangement: spacemanagement          
  • SABO:  sal

Hosted wesbites:


Self-service Password Reset Services

SSH Services

SenSource People Counter

Software deployment


File Services:

  • I: Drive
  • M: Drive